Nov 2019:  Happy Thanksgiving!  ; )

Oct 2019:  This year is flying by!  Happy Fall  ; )

Aug 2019:  New SDMS policy requires self-instructional activity passing score of 75%; if fail, retake two times free of charge.  Happy Summer : )

may 2019:  Books just got approved for 26 SDMS CME credits until 5/6/2020! 

dec 2018:  Merry Christmas & Happy 2019!  Thanks for another great year!  : )

Nov 2018:  Happy Thanksgiving!  I am not working on 11/22/18, please submit all 6.5 CME applications by 11/21/18!  :)

October 2018:  Please send in your 6.5 CME ANSWER SECTION if you need 25 SDMS CME credits...deadline is 11/22/18, but I need time to grade it!  : )

July 2018:  ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 POWEROINT is ready to go!  :)

June 2018: ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 PowerPoint is almost finished!!!  Thank you for your patience!  Susan  :)

Apr 2018:  ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 & THE WORKBOOK 7 are approved as self-instructional activity for 26 SDMS CME credits from 4/16/18 to 4/16/19 (and hopefully longer)!  ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 6.5 & THE WORKBOOK 6.5 are approved for 25 SDMS CME credits until 11/22/18--and that's it!  Happy reading!  Susan 


mar 2018:   almost spring!  Still working on the new PowerPoint 7...hopefully ready by summer semester???  Thank you for your patience!  Susan  :)

Jan 2018:  7 is available!  Thank you for being so patient & I hope you enjoy it!  :)  Susan

Sept 2017:  Thanks to all of those who ordered during hurricane Irma, and thanks for being so patient!  Launch Printing & Promotions survived and is open for business!  :)  Susan



May 2017:  Happy Spring...almost Summer!  :)   Occasionally my website has issues, thanks for being patient!  Please call and let me know if you have any trouble!  Susan

January 2017:  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 

October 2016:  This year is flying by!! Hope you all had a great summer & survived Hurricane Matthew!  Happy fall semester!!!  Susan :)

April 2016:  Happy Spring!  Thanks for a great winter semester!  Susan

January 2016:  Happy New Year!  Susan

November 2015:  Just got SDMS Approval FOR 25 SDMS CME credits until November 22, 2018!  Susan

September:  Happy Autumn!  I am seeking re-approval for 25 SDMS CME credits until Nov 22, 2018.  Results pending...Susan

 January 2015:  Happy New Year!!  Thank you for all of your continued support and business!  Susan

August 2014:  Many of you are already back to school...have a wonderful semester & thank you for your continued business!    Susan