Who will benefit from ECHO…THE NOTEBOOK & THE WORKBOOK?

  • Cardiac sonography students
  • Diagnostic medical sonography/cardiovascular technology programs & educators
  • Registry-eligible cardiac sonographers
  • Registered cardiac sonographers


How do I apply for SDMS CME credits?

ECHO…THE NOTEBOOK 7 & THE WORKBOOK 7 are approved by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) as a self-instructional activity for 26 SDMS CME credits until 5/6/2021.  In order to apply for CME credits:

  • Purchase ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 ($95) & THE WORKBOOK 7 ($45).
  • Pay to apply for CME credits ($200).
  • Complete & submit the CME ANSWER SECTION & SDMS CME evaluation form (in the back of THE WORKBOOK).
  • If you score 75% or better, receive your CME certificate via the SDMS Certificate Wizard.  If you do not pass, you get two more attempts, but so far everyone has passed on their first attempt!


Do I need to be a member of the SDMS to apply for credits?

SDMS membership is not necessary to apply for CME credits or to receive your certificate via the SDMS CME Certificate Wizard.


Who accepts SDMS CME credits?

SDMS CME credits are accepted by ARDMS, CCI, ARRT, and CARDUP.  If you are associated with another organization or registry, please check with them to see if they accept SDMS CME credits.


Are ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK & THE WORKBOOK good study guides for the ARDMS &/or CCI adult echo exams?

Yes! ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 contains most of the material on the adult echo exams, but not 100%.  ECHO...THE WORKBOOK 7 has 1030 practice questions that coincide perfectly with ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 and improve retention of the material.



ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7 & THE WORKBOOK 7 are affordable, useful, and comprehensible by all.  The outline format is packed with definitions, updates, recommendations, sketches, diagrams, echo images, and summaries that bring a more simplistic & visual approach to learning. The questions include multiple choice, true/false, matching, and even some coloring sections!  Only available as print books; no e-books or digital copies available.


Does ECHO...THE WORKBOOK include an answer key?

ECHO...THE WORKBOOK 7 is used as a textbook/test book in programs around the world, it is the post-test for the CME activity, and every single question is answered in THE NOTEBOOK 7; therefore, it does not come with an answer key.  Every single WORKBOOK question is answered in THE NOTEBOOK--just need to read and it is pretty straight forward.


7 POWERPOINT is a valuable teaching tool (for Instructor's only) that corresponds with and supports ECHO...THE NOTEBOOK 7.  It comes on a thumb drive and has 500+ colorful slides broken down into 20 chapters consisting of an outline of THE NOTEBOOK 7, every image & diagram, and 600+ interactive pop quiz questions with hidden answers in the comments section. 

What material is covered?

I. Normal Cardiac Anatomy & Physiology

II. Basic Embryology & Fetal Circulation

III. Intro to Transthoracic Echocardiogram

IV. The Transthoracic Echocardiogram

V. The Transesophageal Echocardiogram

VI. The Stress Echocardiogram

VII. Intro to Cardiac Catheterization

VIII. Valvular Heart Disease

IX. Prosthetic Heart Valves

X. Infective Endocarditis

XI. Ischemic Heart Disease

XII. Cardiomyopathy Disease States

XIII. Heart Failure

XIV. Myocarditis

XV. Pericarditis/Constrictive Pericarditis

XVI. Pericardial Effusion & Tamponade

XVII. Tumors, Thrombus & Missiles

XVIII. Disease of the Aorta

XIX. Intro to Congenital Heart Disease

XX. Intro to 3D Echocardiography & Real Time 3D (4DE)